Conference Venue

Focus on Language (FOL2018) Conference is going to take place at the University of Education (PH) in Freiburg (Germany).  The University of Education, Freiburg (in German Pädagogische Hochschule, or PH for short) was founded in 1962 and gained university status in 1971. With approximately 4,800 students, it is the second largest of six Universities of Education in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, which is known throughout Germany for its high quality of education.

Two thirds of the students studying at University of Education specialize in teacher training, either for primary or lower secondary schools. These study programs are leading to Bachelor and Master degrees.

Freiburg is a medieval city with a population of 220,000 situated on the southwestern edge of the Black Forest. At the heart of the city is the magnificent red sandstone, competed in 1513, with a fine filigree stone spire. Among other medieval buildings that survive are the old town hall “Gerichtslaube” from 1303, and the painted red sandstone Historic Marchants’s Hall, “Historisches Kaufhaus” facing the cathedral.

The City of Freiburg is often called Germany’s “ecological capital” and has been recognized internationally as one of the world’s most livable, sustainable and child-friendly cities. In 1993, IMCL awarded the City of Freiburg the IMCL City of Vision Award. Since then, Freiburg has received numerous awards for its leadership in sustainable transportation planning, promotion of walking and biking, traffic calming mechanisms, human scale mixed-use development, renewable energy, protection of nature, and sustainability.

Conference participants will immediately fall in love with this magnificent city!